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About JB Stoneworks, LLC

Josh’s journey began as a young 13-year-old boy helping out at his father’s local masonry company in the early 2000’s. He began mixing mortar for the crews and doing whatever else they needed; he started at the very bottom and nothing was handed to him. He would spend his days off from school at the shop and would sometimes even work after school. His father taught him how to operate machinery and the basics when it came to building. As time went on, his love for building began to grow and he learned that he had real talent. He worked alongside his father until 2015 when he decided it was time to move on from the construction trade.

Years of Experience

Josh was referred to a well-known local landscaping business for work and he was hired right away. They put him to work quick and had him doing nothing but new construction paver driveways for two years. Not only is Josh experienced in residential work but he is also very familiar with new construction as well. Josh decided that he didn’t want to work for someone else when he knew that he could do great things on his own. That is when JB Stoneworks, LLC was born!

Josh and Janaé started the company in mid-2018 and advertised using the local community forums right away. The amount of feedback we got was amazing and we have consistently stayed busy ever since! We have worked very hard to gain the reputation we have around our town and have met many amazing customers along the way. We truly love what we do and have enjoyed hearing the different stories we have throughout the last couple of years.

Dedicated to Every Job

Josh makes it a priority to be on each and every job site alongside his crew. He is not only a business owner but he is the main operator and the crew leader. We have been very lucky to build a crew that cares about their work and they show up when they say they will. We thank every single customer that has supported us throughout this journey. It wouldn’t be possible without each of you!

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Customer Testimonials

Josh and his team worked so incredibly hard in the scorching heat and delivered a great product, one day ahead of schedule. We love our turf and rock!

Colleen S.

Attention to detail, ensures the job is done right and to standard and likes of the home owner, very impressed and would strongly recommend.

Micah R.

We had Josh raise a common wall for us. Josh made it look like it has been there since day one. Can't wait to do a few other projects with you! Thank you for your professionalism and attention to detail.

Denise R.

We are extremely happy with the work done by Josh and his crew! They were professional, timely, and paid attention to detail. We waited years for this project and we could not be happier with the result. If you want a backyard done right, definitely hire these guys!

Erin T.

Great work and great price! We had a hiccup with the schedule due to late monsoons but that can’t be helped. He was quick to reschedule and there was clear communication throughout the entire process. He was in and out without a speck of debris left behind. Great job!

Patrick R.

We absolutely loved the quality work from Josh and his crew! He was able to create a beautiful custom design for our back yard based on what we requested and went above and beyond to make sure we were happy with the end result. He is a true artist with his masonry work and was an absolute pleasure to work with!

Nicole B.

Josh is remarkably talented and expects excellence in his work, both from himself and his crew. He impeccably transitioned our older backyard brick patio into a beautiful area that we will enjoy. He and his crew also restored our outdoor grill and countertop area to look new again. His workmanship is excellent and impeccable. Thank you so very much Josh and crew for your beautiful workmanship!

Nancy B.

I reached out to Josh and told him I was hosting a holiday party at my house and needed it done by a certain day. He promised me he would get it done. On the final day it was raining and cold. He and his crew even had to circle my grill to warm up their hands. To his word 5:30 pm and job was done. None of the quality was sacrificed in order to get it done either. Josh is a man of his word. He and his crew work rain or shine. He was appropriately priced. He made sure the work was exactly to my vision. The pictures don’t do it justice. I recommend Josh for sure.

Jason R.

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